How do I create a screen recording in Edpuzzle?

With the Edpuzzle extension for Google Chrome, you can record, trim, and upload a screen recording, webcam video, or combination of the two.

To record a video:

    1. Open the Edpuzzle extension, either manually through your browser or by clicking the "Add Content" button at the top of your screen and then "Record video” from the menu that appears.
    2. Choose the content you want to record. If you don’t want to record audio from your microphone or video from your webcam, click the icons next to those inputs to turn them off. 
      • “Tab” will record only the browser tab you’re currently viewing.
      • “Desktop” will allow you to choose to record all activity on your screen or a specific window.
      • “Camera only” will record only from your webcam.
    3. Use the recording controls tool to toggle your microphone and webcam on and off and to pause, continue, stop, or delete the recording. Because these recording functions are made possible by the Chrome extension, the controls tool will only appear within your browser window. This means that if you’re recording a window that isn’t your browser, you’ll need to head back to Chrome to stop recording, etc.
    4. When you’re done recording, click the square “Stop recording” icon in the controls tool (time limit of two hours per video). This will take you to a new screen that allows you to preview your video, name it, trim it, choose a thumbnail image, and set the privacy level.
    5. Click the “Next” button at the top of your page to move on to the Edpuzzle video editor where you can make further cuts (if necessary) and add your questions/notes before assigning the lesson to your classes.

Here’s a quick video tutorial to walk you through the above steps:

At this time, screen recording isn’t available while using a browser other than Google Chrome (like Safari or Firefox).

To add the Edpuzzle extension to your browser, click here.