Integrating with Google Classroom

There are two methods of integrating with Google Classroom. The first is operated mainly from Google Classroom, while the other is operated mainly from Edpuzzle.

Integration Method 1 (Google Classroom Add-On)

With this first integration method, your IT admin will install the Edpuzzle add-on for your school/district and you’ll create and manage your assignments directly from Google Classroom.

To use the Edpuzzle Google Classroom add-on:

    1. For this integration method, you’ll need to make sure your admin has set up add-ons for your school/district. Not all schools/districts will have access to add-ons. If you’re not sure if your school does, check with your admin!
    2. Log into your Google Classroom account.
    3. The Edpuzzle add-on will appear as an option for any new assignment you create. To learn more about creating assignments using the add-on, check out this article.

If you hadn’t already created an Edpuzzle account, you’ll be prompted to create one when you first attempt to use the Edpuzzle add-on. Follow the prompts to sign up on before returning to Google Classroom.

How students interact with assignments using this integration method

Using this integration method, students will be able to log into their Google Classroom accounts and complete their Edpuzzle video lessons right from there. No need for them to create a separate Edpuzzle account or leave Google Classroom!

To make sure the Edpuzzle assignments register as “Turned In,” have your students click the “Turn In” button at the top of their page after completing their edpuzzles.

Your students will automatically populate on your Edpuzzle assignment lists as they access the assignments in Google Classroom. This means that if you’re viewing an assignment in Edpuzzle and see no students (or fewer students than are in your class) listed on the “Students” tab, that is normal! The students and their progress will populate automatically as they work on each assignment.

Integration Method 2 (Google Classroom Import)

With this second integration method, you’ll import your classes from Google Classroom to Edpuzzle and create your assignments in Edpuzzle as well.

Here’s how to set up your classes:

    1. Connect your Google account to your Edpuzzle account, if you haven’t already. Follow the steps here to make that connection.
    2. After you’ve linked your Google account, click the plus (+) sign next to "My Classes" in the menu on the left-hand side of your page.
    3. Click the “Google Classroom” button. 
    4. A list of your Google Classroom courses will appear. Check the box next to the class(es) you’d like to import.
    5. Fill in the subject and grade level fields for each class selected.
    6. Click the “Import classes” button to finish the import.
    7. After importing your class(es) you can post assignments for your students and manage their progress from Edpuzzle.

How students interact with assignments using this integration method

Using this integration method, students will create an Edpuzzle account in order to access and complete assignments. When clicking on an Edpuzzle assignment post in Google Classroom, a new window/tab will appear where they will be prompted to log into their Edpuzzle account (they will be able to use Google Sign-In) before the video lesson appears.

Students must be present on your class list for their specific class in Edpuzzle to have access to edpuzzles assigned to that class. When you first import a class from Google Classroom to Edpuzzle, all students on the Google Classroom roster are imported as well. If any new students are added to the Google Classroom roster after that initial import, you’ll need to manually import those new students to Edpuzzle