• Using Edpuzzle With Google Classroom

    You can connect your Edpuzzle account to your Google account and Google Classroom in two ways:

    Connecting your Google account when signing up

    1. From the homepage, click the "Sign up" button while logged into your Google account.
    2. Select "Sign up as a teacher" or "Sign up as a student" accordingly.
    3. Click the "Sign up with Google" button and select your Google account when prompted.
    4. Now your new account is automatically connected to Google! You'll be able to use the "Log in with Google" button for added privacy and security.

    Connecting your Google account from settings

    1. Log in to your Edpuzzle account with your email and password.
    2. Click the circle icon in the upper right corner and click on your name in the drop-down menu.
    3. Click on the "Account" tab and scroll down to the section labeled "Connected accounts."
    4. Click "Connect" and select the same Gmail address you use for your Google Classroom.

     With Google and the Google Classroom integration, you can:

    Troubleshooting the Google Classroom integration

    Here are some common issues that you may encounter with helpful articles on how to fix them:

    Note: Your account email and your Google Connected email can be different! 

  • How do I share assignments on Google Classroom?

    Sharing assignments is easy if you use Google Classroom and have already imported your classes into Edpuzzle. 

    You can post assignments directly to Google Classroom from Edpuzzle in one of two ways.

    First method:

    1. In the "assign" pop-up window of a video, select the classes you'd like to post your assignment to Google Classroom for.
    2. At the bottom of the window, click the button next to "Post on Google Classroom" so the green check mark appears (not the red X). 
    3. Click the blue "Assign" button and you're done!

    Second method: 

    1. Go to your Google Classroom connected class in Edpuzzle.
    2. Click the assignment you wish to post to Google Classroom.
    3. Go to the right-hand side of the assignment's page and click the "Post on Google Classroom" button. Now your assignment will be available directly on Google Classroom!

    Note: If you want to schedule an assignment for the future, remember to set a start date BEFORE you post your assignment to Google Classroom.

    For more information, check out our article on what to do if you've accidentally assigned a video that needs to be edited.

  • How do I export grades to Google Classroom?

    Grades are exported automatically for your students when they complete an assignment and you grade all of their answers. You can also manually export grades at any time by following these steps:

    1. From the home screen, go to "My Classes."
    2. Select the class from the menu on the left that you'd like to export grades for.
    3. Select the assignment from the list of assignments.
    4. From the menu on the right, click on "Export grades to LMS" and you're done!

    Keep in mind that when you export your Edpuzzle grades to Google Classroom, they'll appear in one of two ways:

    1. "Returned." This means that the assignment on Edpuzzle was completed by the student and graded by the teacher, including open-ended questions. This grade will be visible to the student on Google Classroom. Note that grades will be exported automatically once a student has completed an assignment and all the questions have been graded.
    2. "Draft." This means that the assignment on Edpuzzle either was NOT completed by the student or that the teacher still has questions to grade. This grade will NOT be visible to the student on Google Classroom.

    To change the grade from "Draft" to "Returned" so the student can see it, you can simply type in the grade in Google Classroom and change the status manually to "Returned."

    Note: When you export Edpuzzle grades, don't worry if they appear as "Not turned in" on Google Classroom. This is simply because students didn't have to manually turn in the assignment on Google Classroom since you exported their grades for them from Edpuzzle.

  • Importing new students from Google Classroom

    When you connect your Google Classroom to Edpuzzle, the roster is automatically imported.
    However, once a classroom has been connected to Google Classroom, the only way to add more students is to add the students to the Google Classroom course and then import them to Edpuzzle.
    Here's how you can import your Google Classroom roster to Edpuzzle:

    1. Check your Google Classroom to make sure the student is on the roster for the same Google Classroom connected class to Edpuzzle. If not, you'll need to add them to the Google Classroom before proceeding.
    2. In Edpuzzle, click the "My Classes" tab at the top right.
    3. Select the class you've connected to Google Classroom.
    4. Click the "Students tab" and on the right-hand side, you'll see the "Import students" button. Click it, and you're ready to go! 

    Any new students who joined the Google Classroom course after it was originally imported will be enrolled in the Edpuzzle classroom. The student will have to log in to Edpuzzle with their Google Classroom account and be on the Google Classroom roster as well.

  • I'm missing some of my Google Classroom students on Edpuzzle, or they're asking for a class code.

    If you're using Google Classroom, you don't need a class code. Our Google Classroom integration automatically imports your students so they can log in and access your assignments automatically.

    If your students are asking you for a class code, one of the following issues may be occurring: 

    1. Your student didn't log into Edpuzzle with the same email as their Google Classroom email.

    To fix this, tell the student to log into Edpuzzle with Google and select the email address associated with their Google Classroom account. Make sure they've logged out of their original account and are not automatically logging back into the wrong account.

    2. Your student created a new account by accident and used an email address different from their Google Classroom email.

    Similar to the above solution, tell the student to log into Edpuzzle using Google login and selecting the email address associated with their Google Classroom account. There's no need to delete the new account they created, as it will automatically be deactivated if not used. 

    3. The student wasn't in your Google Classroom roster when the class was imported.

    To update your student list to reflect your current classroom enrollment, click on the classroom where the student is located. Click the "Students" tab, and on the right, click on the "Import students" button. Once updated, the student should be able to access their assignments by signing in with the same email they use for Google Classroom.

    Note: Check that the student is logged into the same email they use for Google Classroom. If the student is not enrolled in Google Classroom, you will need to first add them there.

  • I can't import my Google Classroom classes or students to Edpuzzle.

    If you can't import your classes from Google Classroom or you're having problems when trying to post or update assignments or sync grades, there could be a problem with Google’s permissions. 

    Usually, this occurs when your Google account's permissions for Edpuzzle have expired. This normally happens at the beginning of the course or after a period of inactivity and means that Edpuzzle isn't able to access the information from your Google Classroom account.


    In order to fix these issues, the first step is to disconnect your Google account from Edpuzzle and then reconnect it. Please follow these steps:

    1. Visit your Edpuzzle profile (www.edpuzzle.com/profile).
    2. Scroll down to the “Connected accounts” section.
    3. Click the “Disconnect” button next to your Google account name.
    4. Then, click the “Connect” button and select your account. 
    5. Visit Edpuzzle and try again!

    If this doesn’t solve the issue, please do the following:

    1. Visit https://myaccount.google.com/permissions.
    2. Select Edpuzzle and then click on the “REMOVE ACCESS” button. You may have to scroll down and repeat the process for multiple sections.
    3. Visit Edpuzzle, and try again. You will need to grant permission again to your Google account.


    At some schools, permissions are set by the IT department. In this case, we need you to contact your IT admin and request that they reset your Google Classroom permissions for Edpuzzle. From the Google Admin site, your IT admin should follow these steps:

    • Select the affected user's account > Security > Connected Applications > Remove Edpuzzle permissions.

    Once the IT admin has removed these permissions, you can log back in. You’ll be prompted to click the “Allow” permission button to access Google Classroom and everything will re-sync perfectly.


    Note: These steps won’t affect or modify your existing classes.

  • How can I add my co-teacher from Google Classroom?
    Do you share a class with another teacher in Google Classroom? If so, you can use Edpuzzle’s Google Classroom integration to share an Edpuzzle class with your co-teacher.
    Follow these steps to set up your shared Edpuzzle class:
    1. Add your co-teacher to your Google Classroom. If you need help, check out Google's article on how to add one or more teachers
    2. Log in to Edpuzzle and click on the "My Classes" tab in the top right-hand corner.
    3. Connect a Google Classroom class to Edpuzzle by clicking the "Add new class" button from the left sidebar and selecting "Google Classroom" under "Create a new class". Select the Google Classroom you share with your co-teacher and click on "Import classes". (If you already have your Google Classroom class on Edpuzzle, you can skip this step and go to step 4.)
    4. Have your co-teacher sign into their Google Classroom-integrated Edpuzzle account and add the same Google Classroom to their classes.
    Now each of you will be able to assign lessons to your shared students, view and grade their answers, and add or remove students from the class as co-teachers!
    For more information, check out our article on how to connect your account to Google.