How can I add my co-teacher from Google Classroom?

If you’ve integrated Edpuzzle and Google Classroom, adding a co-teacher to the class in Edpuzzle is simple!

To set up a shared class in Edpuzzle, follow these steps:

    1. Add your co-teacher to your Google Classroom, if they haven't been added already. Google has directions for adding one or more teachers to your classes.
    2. Log into Edpuzzle and create a Google Classroom-integrated class by clicking the plus (+) sign next to "My Classes" on the left-hand side of your page and then the “Connect LMS class” tab in the pop-up window that appears. Click the Google Classroom button. From there, you can select the class you share with your co-teacher to import.
      You may need to log into your Google account again (or for the first time) here. If prompted, just sign in with the account linked to your Google Classroom.
      If you have already imported your class from Google Classroom to Edpuzzle, skip this step.
    3. Have your co-teacher sign into Edpuzzle (or create an Edpuzzle account, if they haven’t already) and import the same course into their account using Step 2.

Once you've both added the class to Edpuzzle, you will be able to assign lessons to your shared students, view and grade their answers, and add or remove students from the class as co-teachers.

For more information, check out our article on using Edpuzzle with Google Classroom.