How do I export grades to Google Classroom?

Grades are exported automatically for your students when they complete an assignment and you grade all of their answers. You can also manually export grades at any time by following these steps:

    1. Choose the class you'd like to export grades for from the list under “My Classes” in the menu on the left-hand side of your page.
    2. Select the assignment.
    3. Click the ellipsis (...) at the top of the page and select "Export grades to LMS" from the drop-down menu.

Keep in mind that when you export your Edpuzzle grades to Google Classroom, they'll appear in one of two ways:

  • "Returned." This means that the assignment on Edpuzzle was completed by the student and graded by the teacher, including open-ended questions. This grade will be visible to the student on Google Classroom. Note that grades will be exported automatically once a student has completed an assignment and all the questions have been graded
  • "Draft." This means that the assignment on Edpuzzle either was NOT completed by the student or that the teacher still has questions to grade. This grade will NOT be visible to the student on Google Classroom.

To change the grade from "Draft" to "Returned" so the student can see it, you can simply type in the grade in Google Classroom and change the status manually to "Returned."


Note: When you export Edpuzzle grades, don't worry if they appear as "Not turned in" on Google Classroom. This is simply because students didn't manually turn in the assignment on Google Classroom. To change this, have the student click “Mark as Done” on the assignment in Google Classroom.