How do I use the Question Generator?

With Edpuzzle’s Question Generator, we’ll use information pulled from a video to generate and embed questions automatically.

Here’s how to use the Question Generator:

    1. Select the video you want to use and click “Edit” to open the video editor.
    2. Click on the "Questions" tab above the video.
    3. Click the “Generate Questions” button.
    4. Select the type of questions you’d like to add. You can choose multiple-choice, open-ended, or both. Once you’ve made your selection, questions will automatically be embedded in the video.
    5. You can review and edit the questions in the Video Events sidebar or by clicking on them from the video timeline.
      • To quickly delete any questions you don’t want, click the “Discard” button under the question in the Video Events sidebar.
    6. Assign your video lesson!

This feature can only be used on videos that don’t already have embedded questions. To generate all new questions for a video, you can delete any existing questions, but keep in mind that once a question has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.


Note: Not all videos will have the option to add auto-generated questions. If we don’t have enough information to provide high-quality results, the Question Generator may not be available.

The Question Generator is just one tool available in Edpuzzle's Teacher Assist suite of tools. To learn more about Teacher Assist, check out this video.