How do I use Autograde for open-ended questions?

With Edpuzzle’s Autograde feature, we’ll help grade open-ended questions to save you time and energy. 

Here’s how to use Autograde:

    1. Head to the assignment you want to grade and click “X Answers to grade” at the top of the page to access any questions with open-ended responses waiting to be graded.
    2. Click “Autograde” beneath a question.
    3. Enter the ideal answer in the text box that appears.
    4. Click “Autograde” on the right.
    5. Student responses to that question will automatically be compared to the ideal answer and then graded as correct (100 points) or incorrect (0 points).
    6. If you need to make adjustments to the grades at any time, you can do so by using the X and checkmark or the number out of 100 to the right of each student’s response.


Note: Short, succinct ideal answers work best for this feature. If a question requires a long response with a lot of nuances, you may prefer to grade answers manually.

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Autograde is just one tool available in Edpuzzle's Teacher Assist suite of tools. To learn more about Teacher Assist, check out this video.