Edpuzzle Help Center

Email Verification

We need to validate your email address in order to confirm your identity and secure your personal information. Please follow these steps:


If you are new to Edpuzzle: 

As soon as you sign up for Edpuzzle, you will receive email directly to the email address you signed up with, so please:

  1. Check your email inbox
  2. Open the Edpuzzle verification email
  3. Click on the verify link
  4. A webpage will open up confirming that you have been verified. You're all set!
  5. If you don't receive the email within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder, you will probably find it there.


If you have already been using Edpuzzle, you can confirm your email by following these steps:

  1. Click on this link to go to your profile: www.edpuzzle.com/profile?tab=settings
  2. Click on the blue "Send link" button, under the "Settings" tab.
  3. Check your email inbox (make sure you visit the same address you used to sign in to Edpuzzle)
  4. Open the Edpuzzle verification email
  5. Click on the "Verify your email" button
  6. A webpage will open up showing you an acknowledgment that you have been verified!
  7. If you don't receive the verification email within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder and quarantined folder, you will probably find it there.



What if I don't receive the verification email within 5 minutes of registering or clicking on "Send Link"? 

  1. First, check your spam folder, the email will probably be there. If you use Outlook also make sure to check your quarantined folder.
  2. If the email isn't there, go back to your Edpuzzle account settings by clicking here: www.edpuzzle.com/profile?tab=settings
  3. Update the email address associated with your account for a different one where you can receive emails.
  4. Click on the blue "Send Link" button. You should receive an email to your inbox within 5 minutes.
  5. If you're still not receiving the email, your school may be filtering out these messages. You'll need to have your school's IT department whitelist our no-reply@edpuzzle.com in addition to any other potential filters which would prevent Edpuzzle from working properly. Please refer to the link below for details on how to contact your IT to fix this*
  6. Once you've completed these steps, click on the "Verify your email" button in the blue banner at the top of the page
  7. Open the email, click on the "Verify your email" button, and you'll be all set!

* Here's the article you'll want to provide your IT team so they can ensure your filters do not block access to Edpuzzle and Edpuzzle emails: https://support.edpuzzle.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007746351-Whitelist-and-technical-setup-Sign-in-or-player-issues- 

Please note that if you update your email address, the new one will be the one you will have to use to log into Edpuzzle going forward.

Also, please note that updating your email address won't affect the sync with Google Classroom.


Finally, here's more information in case you would like to know more about why we ask you to verify your email address:

  1. Verifying your identity
  2. To recover your account in case you lose access to it.
  3. To contact customer support regarding changes to your account.
  4. Mandatory element for parental consent to be valid.
  5. We want to make sure that no one has used your email address for impersonation.