How do I record a voiceover?

If you're wondering why you should add audio, studies show that students pay more attention to information if they hear it from a familiar voice!

A voiceover is an audio recording that plays over the original audio of the video.

To record a voiceover, select the video of your choice from “My Content” and click on “Edit” to open the video editor.

Then, follow these steps:

    1. Click on the "Voiceover" tab above the video.
    2. Select the spot in the video where you want to record audio by clicking on the timeline bar below the video.
    3. Click on the red “Start recording” button.
    4. If this is your first time recording audio on Edpuzzle, a pop-up window will appear in your browser asking if you want to allow Edpuzzle to access your microphone. Click “Allow” so that your audio can be recorded.
    5. When you’re finished, click on the red “Stop recording” button.
    6. To preview your recording on its own, click on the play button below “Start recording”. (If you want to delete your recording, just click the trash bin icon to the right of the bar.)
    7. To preview the video with your voiceover incorporated, click on the play button below the video.

You can add as many voiceovers to your video as you like!

For more audio options, you can also check out our article on how to record audio with a note.


Note: Due to an update in YouTube's Terms of Service, we can no longer offer the option to add a voiceover to YouTube videos within Edpuzzle.The voiceover option is only available for videos uploaded directly to Edpuzzle. To discern which videos are eligible for voiceovers, look for the “Teacher upload” indicator beneath the video.