Edpuzzle Help Center

Change School

If you’ve signed up for the wrong school or you’ve moved to another school, you can easily change your school settings in your profile. 

If you know you’ll be moving schools, please change your school in Edpuzzle as soon as possible! If your old school disables your email address and you’re not able to log in we will not be able to recover your account.


To change your school:

          1. Click the profile icon in the top right-hand corner.

          2. Click on your name to access your profile.

          3. Click the School tab.

          4. Click the Change school button found next to your current school name.

          5. A pop-up menu will appear - read and check off each point listed, then click I Agree.

          6. Select your new school and subject, and click Join school. 

You can only switch schools once every 6 months. Once you’ve changed schools you will see a message with the date when you will be able to change schools again.

Note: Changing your school will delete all of your classes and assignments, but not your content. This is done to protect student privacy. You can read more about our privacy policy here:(https://edpuzzle.com/privacy#overview).