• What does Edpuzzle cost and how can I increase my storage space?

    Edpuzzle is 100% free for teachers and students. Our goal is to never charge a teacher for using Edpuzzle because, as former teachers, we don't think you should ever have to pay out of pocket for the resources you use in class.

    With our free Basic Plan, you can store up to 20 videos in your account. Some of our teachers, however, have hundreds of videos stored in their accounts! Here's how you can do it, too:

    1. Refer your colleagues to Edpuzzle. Are you enjoying Edpuzzle? Share the love! For every teacher you refer who creates an Edpuzzle account and verifies their email address, both of you will receive space for three more lessons. You can invite them here.
    2. Talk to your school about going Pro. There are probably more teachers than you think using Edpuzzle at your school. When your school gets a Pro license, your admins gain access to curated curriculum for PD and student certifications, your school gets dedicated support, training and coaching, and all the teachers receive unlimited storage space! Share this page with your supervisor so that they can check out our low-cost licensing options and sign up for Pro.

    If you're not able to share Edpuzzle or get your school to subscribe to Pro, you might consider getting an individual Pro Teacher license to enjoy unlimited storage space. 

  • How does storage space work?

    As a teacher, you have access to all of the features Edpuzzle offers. There is a limit in terms of storage space, however, and each teacher can store up to 20 videos in their account. 

    What counts towards your storage limit?

    Everything stored in "My Content." This includes:

      1. All of your video lessons, whether you've uploaded them yourself or found them in any of the channels we offer.
      2. All the student projects you create.

    What doesn't count towards your storage limit?

      1. Folders: create as many folders as you need to organize your content.
      2. Assignments: assign a lesson to as many classes as you want, as many times as you like. Assignments don't count towards the limit.

    Can I increase my storage limit?

    Yes, and it's easy to do! Check out our article on how to increase your storage space.

  • Why do I have unavailable content?

    When you reach your storage limit, the extra videos you create will be grayed out and placed under the "Unavailable content" section in your "My Content" library.

    You won't be able to edit or assign these videos to your students unless you increase your storage space.

    To learn more, check out our article on how to increase your storage space.

  • Where can I find my school's upgrade code?

    Your school administrator has your school's upgrade code. If they haven't given it to you yet, ask for it! Please note that for security reasons, we can't provide the code, and only your administrator can give it to you.

  • How can I refer other teachers?

    Thanks a lot for helping us spread the word – you're amazing!

    Every time you refer a colleague to Edpuzzle, both of you will receive space for 3 more lessons. The key is that your colleagues sign up via your unique referral URL. Here are the different ways to share it:

    • Via email: Send email invites directly to your colleagues.
    • At a workshop or conference: Include your unique referral URL on the whiteboard and make sure to let your colleagues know that by registering through this link they'll get extra storage space!
    • Share your link on Facebook.
    • Share your link on Twitter. 

    You can find these options by going to the Plan tab within your profile and clicking on "Invite a teacher."

  • What happens to my Pro Teacher plan if my school gets Pro School?

    If you have a Pro Teacher plan and your school gets Pro School, your plan should automatically switch when that Pro School plan is activated. As soon as you are connected to your school’s plan, your individual Pro Teacher plan and payments are canceled right away. 

    Another option to upgrade is using an upgrade code. When your school purchases a Pro School plan, they are assigned a code that will allow you to manually connect to their plan if applied to your account. 

    Your school administrator will have your school's upgrade code. Once retrieved, enter the code in the “Upgrade code” field on the School tab within your profile.

    If you believe your school has purchased a Pro School plan, but your account has not automatically connected to that plan, check with your school administrator for more information. Your administrator can then contact their Edpuzzle representative for assistance!

  • How can I convince my school to sign up for Edpuzzle Pro School?

    Trying to get your school to go Pro? We've helped hundreds of schools upgrade to Pro, and what we've found is that your voice is the one that matters the most! 

    All you have to do is to chat with one of your supervisors and explain how Edpuzzle is helping you in class and helping your students get better scores. If Edpuzzle is giving you great results, why not share this resource with the rest of the teachers?

    With Edpuzzle Pro School, not only will you and your colleagues win with unlimited video storage space, but your school will benefit as well:

    • If your school wants to implement flipped and blended learning, a great way to start is by applying it to PD and workshops. We have plenty of curriculum resources for Professional Development to make it much easier to get started. Use our pre-prepared online PD courses or use them as a template to build your own! 
    • Quite often, schools and districts are required to certify students in topics like Digital Citizenship, Emotional Intelligence or Personal Finance. We've created programs on these topics and more so that no one has to worry about creating these important courses!
    • As you and your colleagues create your content in Edpuzzle, you're building a customized database of video curriculum for your school. By getting your school set with Pro, you're encouraging teacher collaboration and curriculum creation to make a database that anyone in your school can utilize.

    If you'd like to chat with us before introducing Edpuzzle to one of your supervisors, just email us at support@edpuzzle.com and we'll be more than happy to help! 

  • I referred my colleagues to Edpuzzle – when will we get the storage space increase?

    First of all, thanks for helping us spread the word!

    As soon as your colleague registers and verifies their account, both of you will receive space for 3 more lessons.

    If you haven't received the extra space yet it means that either:

      1. Your colleague hasn't registered yet.
      2. Your colleague has registered but hasn't verified their account yet.

    For more information, check out our article on how to verify an Edpuzzle teacher account so you can get your extra space!

  • How to cancel your Pro Teacher plan

    If you’d like to cancel your Pro Teacher plan because you’re no longer teaching or you’re unable to continue using Edpuzzle, you just need to follow the steps in this article. 

    To cancel your Pro plan:

      1. Log in to your Edpuzzle teacher account.
      2. Click on your circular profile icon from the upper right-hand corner and select your name from the dropdown menu.
      3. Click on the “Plan” tab.
      4. Scroll down to the “Payments” section and click on the “Cancel membership” button.
      5. Click the blue “Cancel membership” button to confirm your cancellation. 

    If you’re wondering what will happen to your Pro Teacher account if your school has upgraded to a Pro School plan, check out this article

    Note: If you want to cancel your subscription for the summer months, you may want to reconsider, as the subscription rate may go up for the new school year and you would lose your current rate.